Paraiba Tourmaline is undoubtedly one of our favourite gemstones. Ranging from deep purple to shocking neon blue, it’s a rare and precious stone that is unrivalled in its intensity and beauty.

History of the Stone

It is a relatively new gemstone, having been discovered in the 1980s in the Brazilian state of Paraiba, from where it gets its name. It is a member of the Tourmaline family, which is not so new. Tourmalines have been found all over the world from at least the 3rd century BC, and vary in their colour, clarity and beauty. The Paraiba Tourmaline however is the scene-stealer, the magnificent show-piece that can easily command tens of thousands of pounds for a rough, uncut sample.

The Paraiba Tourmaline today 

The gemstone is famous for its electric blues and forest greens, rare colours in deep intensities that leave the Paraiba Tourmaline without rival or comparison. The outstanding colour display is due to copper and manganese deposits, which mix with other elements in the ground to create the gemstones we see today. The beauty and rarity of Paraiba Tourmaline meant it was fast becoming one of the worlds most coveted and expensive gemstones, with the worlds only supply fast running out.

However, a recent discovery of Paraiba in the Mavuco area of Mozambique has meant at least for the near future, many more of us can still enjoy the beauty of this stone. In fact, the Mozambique deposit is where our Caspia Pendant below gets its heart from; a vivid, forest green gem that is easy to get lost in.

If you're interested in knowing more about the Paraiba Tourmaline and where it comes from, this short little video shows us a glimpse into the mining of this gemstone.

Do let us know if you have any treasured Paraiba pieces, we'd love to hear your stories

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