Here at Catherine Best Jewellery, we appreciate that when you purchase from us, you aren’t simply buying a beautiful piece of jewellery.  Rather, when making a purchase from our simply stunning range, you are proudly displaying a message and wrapping it up in a memory, to last for eternity.

mixed gem bangle

 We understand that this jewellery is an investment, and is going to be admired and treasured for years, if not generations, to come.

For this reason it is very important, both to us and to you, that your jewellery be absolutely perfect.  We want to ensure that we capture the words that you want to say in our work.

Gemstones are one of our many passions.  Catherine Best is internationally renowned for her work with glistening precious stones, both traditional and modern alike.  Gemstones often say a good deal more than we realise.  Quite apart from our insistence on using only the finest quality stones, we also like to think about what the gems themselves are saying, when using them in our fabulous designs.

We are privileged to act as a conduit for your thoughts and feelings in the form of the creative expression of our fine craftsmanship.  And it is our hope that your purchase will be the exact fit for you, and with this in mind, we have produced our Gemstone Guide.


We hope you enjoy perusing our Gemstone Guide as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.  And please, if you should have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to find the answer for you.



To use the gemstone guide, simply click on the gemstone name on the right of the page displaying the jewellery, and a window will appear full of information about the gem you are viewing.  If you are still deciding, simply click 'view all gemstones' from here to see the wealth of precious stones available for you to choose from.



Post By Sadie Woolcock