Does size matter..?

…well no not at all. But we thought you might be interested to read about some of the biggest gemstones in the world. Valued both for the rarity and size these are some of the most sought after stones. Here are the first five working backwards from the top 11.




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11. The Cullinan Diamond (pictured left)

This stone was discovered in Praetoria during 1905. An amazing 530.29 carats and measuring 58.9 × 45.4 × 27.7 mm, it held the auspicious position of the largest cut diamond in the world for 80 years until finally giving the title up to the Golden Jubilee in 1985.

10. The Golden Jubilee (pictured centre)

This brown diamond weighing 755.5 carats was discovered in South Africa in 1985. The diamond was cut over a two-year period creating the final product which weighs in at 545.67 carats. The cutting process led it to having a yellow-brown appearance. It was presented to the King of Thailand in 1997 for his Golden Jubilee. Prior to this, the stone was quite sadly known as the ‘Unnamed Brown’ – a title hardly reflective of its beauty. It currently resides in the Royal Thai Palace.

9. The Neelanjali Ruby (pictured right)

This is the largest double star ruby in the world. A star ruby is a rare variety of ruby that exhibits asterism - a six-rayed star that shimmers over the surface of the stone when it is moved. It’s even more rare and valuable for a ruby to have a double star appearance (on both sides). The Neelanjali weighs 1,370 carats and is owned by a retired lawyer, G. Vidyaraj, who lives in Bangalore and is a descendant of the Vijayanagar royal family.

8. The Rajaratna Ruby.

Discovered around the late 1980s, the Rajaratna Ruby is considered as one of the largest rubies in the entire world. It weighs 2,475 carats and also forms part of the Vidyaraj collection.

7. The Pearl of Lao Tsu.

Discovered by a Filipino diver off the coast of Palawan in 1934, the Pearl of Lao Tsu is the largest pearl in the world. It weighs 14 pounds and its estimated value is around $40 million.
Watch this space for the top six – including opals, topaz and emeralds.

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