You’ve finally plucked up the courage to propose, now what? Well you’re going to need the perfect engagement ring to ensure she says yes! Of course, ladies styles vary, and if you’ve not already got an idea of what ring she might like, getting the right piece can be a daunting prospect. To save you the worry, here’s our tried and tested, step-by-step tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring.

1. What is her style?

If she’s been dropping hints whenever you go shopping together, start to pay more attention, to give a clearer idea of what she might like. You can also look at the jewellery she already owns, does she have a favourite piece? From looking at this, you should be able to gauge whether she likes simple understated pieces or if she’s more out there with her choices.

Another way to investigate is her social media, has she got a Pinterest board full of engagement ideas or a jewellery board? Who does she follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and who are her favourite jewellers? These are all treasure troves of inspiration! For more ideas check out our Proposal Plans... Pinterest board here.

All these things should give you a clearer idea, however if you’re still stuck, it’s time to recruit a friend or family member who will know exactly what she would like, to give you a little extra help!


2. What’s Your Budget?

This is a really important one, before you start seriously looking you need to know what your budget is and what elements are most important to you.

3. The Stone

Once you know what style you’re going to go for, the next thing is the gem. This will probably be the most important element of the entire ring, so choose carefully. If you’re looking for something classic and understated, we’d always suggest a diamond, we recommend you read our 4 C’s guide, this inform you of everything you need to know when you’re purchasing one of these dazzling stones. If you’re looking for something with a pop of colour then rubies, sapphires and our personal favourite paraiba tourmaline are always classically beautiful options. For more ideas on different gem types we offer have a look at our catalogue here.

4. Metal Type

When choosing a precious metal, firstly you will need to take a look at what colour of jewellery the love of your life tends to wear, and also which precious metal colour is going to look best with your chosen gem. This could be either a white, yellow or rose colouring. Even if your fiancé to be wears yellow gold it’s sometimes a great idea to have the diamond set into a white coloured metal to really show off its sparkle. Next you need to look at what properties each metal has, as this will affect its wear. The properties and look of each metal can be found in the table below:



5. Ring Sizing

It is important also to get the perfect fit on any ring for more information on getting the perfect ring size, take a look at our ring size guide here. You can also acquire a free ring sizer from Catherine Best here.

6. Bespoke

If you’re struggling to find the perfect style, and you want a piece that’s extra special, you definitely need a bespoke piece! Here at Catherine Best we believe that every piece of jewellery should be special to you, engagement rings especially, and we can create the perfect piece she will adore. Enquire now here.

Post By Laura Nugent