Here at Catherine Best we are always looking to improve the functionality of our website, to ensure that our users have a fantastic experience.

One of our key new developments on our website has been our Drop A Hint function, which allows you to suggest a great gift idea to that special someone. The perfect way for them to get an idea of any designs that you love, or jewellery pieces that you can’t wait to wear, our Drop A Hint function is so easy to use. Please see our step by step guide below on how to use this amazing new tool that will allow your loved one to craft a wish list that dreams are made of.

Step One;

When you have found a product that you love, simply click on the Drop A Hint button on the product page. You will then be taken through to our contact form.

Step Two;

See a preview of the email that your loved one will receive when you Drop A Hint. This features our Catherine Best logo at the top and your selected piece of jewellery at the centre.

Step Three;

Enter the recipient’s name and email and your name to the contact sheet and click submit.

Step Four;

Sit back and relax, knowing that your wish list is being created by that special someone.


We hope you love our new Drop A Hint function as much as we do. Suitable for any occasion from a special anniversary, Birthday or even an Engagement.

If you have any questions about our new Drop A Hint function, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Post By Lauren Smith