The Tonda Chain is a strong and flexible chain, making it perfect for displaying your favourite pendant. But not all Tonda Chains are created equally. The key to choosing a good Tonda Chain is in the finest details, from the quality of material used, to its movement and how it feels when it is worn. Here at Catherine Best our Tonda Chain is supplied by a German manufacturer we have worked with for over 15 years and the level of quality and manufacture is simply exquisite.

A favourite of Catherine's, the Tonda Chain is often selected as the chain of choice due to its flexibility. With an effortless push button carabiner clasp that makes the Tonda easy to put on and take off, the Tonda remains secure around the neck, avoiding the risk of priceless pendants becoming lost or falling off during an evening event or day out. Catherine believes that having flexibility within a design, not only makes it more comfortable and practical for the wearer, but also moulds easily into everyday life, making it far more enjoyable to use. With this spirit in mind, the chain lends itself to work with any neckline, with a more rigid form that holds a perfect circle and sits delicately above the d├ęcolletage, preventing any unnecessary movement. This allows the wearer to enjoy their Tonda with a variety of different outfits, and with its modern look, the Tonda lends itself to many different Catherine Best pendant designs.

Although simple in design, the Tonda Chain is a bold piece of craftsmanship ensuring that it not only looks beautiful but works effortlessly. Capturing the light from all angles the Tonda isn't just a piece to help hold a pendant, but in itself becomes part of the necklace with a smooth curve and elegant finish. The Tonda sweeps across the neckline without plunging, framing the face and highlighting features with shimmering tones only found in the highest quality material. Our Tonda chain is easily looked after and is best to be stored flat and not slept in allowing the piece to be worn again and again for a lifetime of enjoyment. Available in a range of precious metals and lengths, the Tonda Chain is the perfect piece in which to display your favourite pendant, and will remain a jewellery staple in any jewellery box for years to come.

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Post By Lauren Smith