Proposing to the woman that you love is one of the most memorable moments of your life. It is possible to make this moment even more special, in the knowledge that you are proposing with a bespoke engagement ring that you have designed yourself and had custom made by experts in their field.

Custom engagement rings for women have become increasingly popular over recent years. We no longer wish to present a traditional and somewhat standard ring that we have chosen from a jewellers cabinet. The ring has to be perfect in every way, speaking to the heart of your soon to be betrothed and acting as a symbol of your love. Whether you are designing a ring to propose with, or have already proposed and are planning to design the perfect ring together, there are some simple points that you can consider before visiting us to discuss your requirements.

Choosing your centre stone is an important decision. This is the first thing that your future wife will see when she looks down at her hand and it has to be just right. The gemstone can have a special meaning such as a birthstone, or perhaps a wish to replicate a family heirloom. The cut of stone should also be considered, for instance an oval shape or square cut stone, which can be designed around a woman’s personal style. The colour and type of setting is also incredibly important. White gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver or palladium are examples of ring settings, which can again be based on your fiance’s individuality and taste.

Using sites such as Pinterest can be helpful in finding inspiration for custom rings, as can celebrity engagements. For example, one of the most popular engagement rings that has been recreated a countless number of times is that of Princess Diana’s Ceylon Sapphire. Custom designing your engagement ring means that the style can be vintage, modern or a little of both, as well as being strong and expertly crafted in preparation for a lifetime of wear.

Make an appointment with one of our talented designers, bringing any ideas that you have. Together you will create the perfect unique engagement ring that will say everything that you wish it to say, keeping within a price range that works for you both. Be sure to consider the time frame if you are wanting the ring to propose with on a particular date, as the creation stage is a part of a process. You will receive designs to review and choose from, followed by a final sign-off stage where you can make any final amendments before the crafting takes place.

Begin your new chapter with a custom made engagement ring, helping to ensure that you both remember that special moment forever.

Post By Kimberley Roderick