Moon Signs can reveal a lot about your personality. Your Moon Sign will quite often differ to your Sun Sign, taking into account your personality, emotions and intuition.



A Moon Sign and Sun Sign are similar in that they use the position of the sun and moon at the time of your birth, but they interestingly reveal very different aspects about us. A Sun Sign (also know as a Star Sign) will focus on your outward personality, whilst your Moon Sign will develop a deeper understanding of your character, helping to reveal the ‘inner workings’ that underpin our daily lives.

Catherine Best has worked closely with astrologer Sharon Ward to create beautiful pieces of symbolic jewellery to match your Moon Sign, in a truly wonderful collection that is made up of pendants, earrings and cufflinks. Use our Moon Sign Calculator to reveal your Moon Sign.

A piece from the Moon Sign Collection will make a thoughtful gift to a loved one. Each stunning creation is presented in a luxurious jewellery box, with a scroll reading that details the influence of your Moon Sign.


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Post By Kimberley Roderick