Limited Editions

The majority of our jewellery designs are limited editions and can range from a simple and elegant silver pendant, through to a handmade 18ct gold or platinum ring adorned with precious gemstones and diamonds.

When we create a new piece of jewellery we will decide at the design stage how many to create and only our most appealing silver designs are allowed 250 pieces, with many gold and platinum handmade items being kept as low as 10 or even 5 items. This enables us to offer our beautiful designs to more jewellery lovers whilst still keeping them as special as possible.

Each limited edition piece is hallmarked with its own number of the edition to lend it its own uniqueness. The number is also listed on your Certificate of Authenticity which accompanies your jewellery.

The Catherine Best philosophy has always been to produce outstanding ranges of bespoke and limited edition jewellery that will suit all budgets. The majority of the worlds Jewellers tend to engage outworkers rather than run their own workshops, to produce the finished jewellery. Catherine's early years at the bench, however, instilled in her the value of having her own in house workshop, where the unique designs can be brought to life. Employing highly skilled workshop staff and ensuring that they have the very latest equipment to hand, the majority of Catherine's designs are finished on site.