Launching a new range of jewellery is always a special moment for us, seeing the hard work of Catherine Best and of our team of master craftsmen come to fruition.

Our latest collection is Clematis, a range of beautiful jewellery that launched at the 2019 Chelsea Flower Show. The annual show is known around the world for its glamour and for being quintessential British, making it perfect for the introduction for our incredible new line. The range demonstrates our love of flowers, in an exquisite range of highly collectable jewellery that is unrivalled in quality.

The collection was designed in collaboration with Raymond Evison, a Clematis breeder who has won countless awards at the Chelsea Flower Show. He has spent 50 years dedicated to searching, breeding and developing modern flowering clematis for homes and gardens, a true inspiration for our new timeless collection which offers the Bluebird range and the Empress range.

The Empress Clematis range encompasses a pendant, earrings, brooch, cufflinks, tie-slide and tie pin, offering many options that are perfect for the flower and nature enthusiast to wear.

The Bluebird Clematis Range features a ring, pendant and 2 styles of earrings. These beautifully designed items of silver jewellery are absolutely stunning when worn as a set and are equally as eye-catching when worn individually.

Both the Bluebird and Empress Clematis range are stylish and visually stunning. They have been hand-finished by masters of their craft and are perfect for treasuring.

Post By Kimberley Roderick